Writing a book is tough, risky, and time-consuming. “Be Better Bit-By-Bit” is my first book, and what I have personally realized is that my sense of achievement has not been publishing and releasing the book but the very journey that I have undergone in putting my thoughts on paper. For me, the process of writing this book has been one of self-improvement. Writing a book is a journey that makes the author wiser. During the course of writing, the author keeps attempting to pass his/her own learning to the reader.

The result is this book: “Be Better Bit-By-Bit.”

This book is also the culmination of my long journey towards self-confidence. The draft of my first blog article was resting on my mobile phone for almost five months. It was just a one-minute read. Finally, on 4 August 2017, while on my way home on the bus, I decided to publish that article. The expectations were high. I wished an instant stardom with millions of reads and views. But that article managed to get only 220 views.

In hindsight, that feels like a big success.

After months and months of answering self-awareness questions in my journal, inculcating the habit of running, improving on my reading, starting a self-transformation platform, and all this while continuing to write articles on the Medium platform, I started feeling a gap. A gap which asked me to contribute - contribute to this world.

While on my way to the office one day, the idea of writing a book struck me, and it kept nudging me every day. The nudging went on for days and months until I started penning my thoughts. Bit-By-Bit, day by day, I continued with “Thinking on paper,” and that’s how the “Goal” started becoming a reality.

Till then, I had written several articles on Medium covering various topics. Each of those articles allowed me to improve, to think anew, to try something new, and each time I came out as a new being.

Simultaneously my contributions to the YouTube channel increased, and I developed my podcast. “Be Better Bit-By-Bit” started becoming a way of life for me. I started gaining confidence in my new philosophy– Small and consistent improvements.

It all happened bit-by-bit and this is what this book is all about.

Through time, I have learned one powerful lesson -- We can achieve all the goals we have set for ourselves if we keep our methods simple. Each day one should keep on adding bit-sized improvements to the pool of efforts, and soon they will snowball into substantial achievements.

I am not a success story, and this book does not claim to make you one. We all are a work-in-progress. I have learned a lot in this process and will continue to learn. The process has made me clear that all the journeys reach their destination, but progress is bit-by-bit. Small, steady, and definite improvements bring us closer to what we wish to achieve.

We all have our stories to tell. We all are proud of our struggles. Many of us make pain-and-gain parts of our lives, and few uses them as a building block to grow beyond their expectations. Few of us pick up the importance of learning and growing each day from a very young age, while some catch on later in life.

This book is not claiming to be the best self-development or self-awareness or time management book ever to have been written. Self-development is a topic that attracts a read but often fails to encourage action. This book instead is a practical guide.

The only challenge for all of us is the sheer audacity of this thought, i.e., “I wish to improve.”
As adults, we all are comfortable in our skin. Whatever we do in our life, we assume we are the best in the game. Anything beyond this zone, and we are happy to pull back into the shell.

This book attempts to relax this audacity around this subject, i.e. “I wish to improve.” We all are capable of elevating ourselves and growing bigger than we are. This book is about breaking down this journey into bite-sized, chewable goals and actions. This book believes in becoming better each day, Bit-By-Bit.

This book reflects how I live my life.

This book demonstrates how you can bring bit-sized, meaningful changes to your own experiences.
This book is all about THE ADVENTURE TO Be Better Bit-By-Bit.

Welcome to the club.